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Our Professional Service

We provide professional yet affordable services through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in a blended mode by online and off-line counseling service to enable service users to master cognitive behavioral skills and improve mental health in one’s own pace and space.

Uniqueness of Our Service

Without leaving the place where you are, you can easily access CBT tools, learn skillsets, and meet with our therapist on the online counseling platform which was developed by the researchers from the Social Work Department of a local university in Hong Kong with a track record of serving 400 people with mild to moderate level of depressive symptoms in the period of 2019 - 2022.

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The first ever local charitable organization providing evidence-based online counseling service on a one-stop self-developed counseling platform in Hong Kong

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Remove geographic limitation and long waiting time by providing service on any internet-connected mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop device and smartphone apps.

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Professional therapists with local online counseling experiences


Proven CBT approach effective in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

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Content is tailor-made for Hong Kong people in terms of language and culture


Service user can self-manage the progress by repeatedly use the service contents available at our online counseling platform to master and practice CBT skillsets

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Much lower than market fee for charitable goal

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Client-centered approach of which service user will receive mental health service in a safe, private and destigmatized environment


What is online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?


CBT is an evidence-based counseling approach to enhancing mental health by identifying and  changing the way we think and behave.


Online CBT delivers the CBT skillsets on any internet-connected mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop device or smartphone apps by deploying various media such as texts, video/audio, exercise and interactive forum.

CANDO Program is the online CBT platform developed by the Department of Social Work of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019 with proven track record. It is currently offered by Online Companion with the objective of helping people in Hong Kong who are suffering from mild to moderate levels of depressive symptoms to alleviate their emotional distress.

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