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Client 1

Before I joined the “CANDO” Program, I had depression and followed up by psychiatrist consultations for a while.


In light of  the COVID-19 pandemic,  face-to-face counseling sessions of the Program had been replaced by online mode. I once doubted if the effectiveness will be the same.   With therapist’s support and guidance, I could finish all the Program exercises which is so comforting to my body, mind and spirit. The result is just effective.


I learned to gradually accept my weaknesses. I started to understand that I have tried my best to do everything.  I no longer regard myself as a loser if I could not receive praise and appreciation after trying my best to complete a task.


In the learning journey of the CANDO Program, I was also aware that I had been living in a vicious cycle of shouldering all the unnecessary responsibility and be overly self-blaming. It just did harm than good to my mental and physical health. After practising the exercises in the Program, such as prioritising the importance of tasks or analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of my thoughts , I now feel more relaxed and light-hearted.

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