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(1)What is counselling?

Counseling is to help clients enhance personal values, promote personal development, and relieve mental as well as emotional distress by different counseling approaches based on professional and scientific theories and principles.

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(3)Will I be regarded as having mental problem if I see a clinical psychologist or counsellor?

It is normal experiencing ups and downs or encountering various difficulties at different life stages. Seeking professional help of counseling service does not mean you have mental problem. Instead, it is a positive way to deal with the emotional problems with professional consultation. Counseling provides emotional support and help reduce emotional distress.

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(5)Is psychological assessment valid?

Psychological assessment questionnaires verified by rigorous academic research usually have high reliability and validity, and can accurately and effectively measure various mental health indicators. Although it does not intend to be used as a clinical diagnosis, it is an important screening tool for the assessment of mental discomfort or mild mental health problems.

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(7)How can I know my changes after joining the service provided by “Online Companion”?

The effectiveness of the online counseling services provided by “Online Companion” was evaluated by rigorous empirical research. Cognitive behavioral therapy delivered with the assistance of internet technology is adopted to relieve clients’ psychological distress.  Clients who have successfully completed the service could compare their psychological changes before and after receiving the service by filling an online evaluation questionnaire in the service platform.

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(2)What is the qualification of a clinical psychologist or counsellor?

Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong possesses a recognized Master’s degree or Doctoral degree in clinical psychology, and registered membership in local or overseas professional associations. Or, registered as a clinical psychologist in Hong Kong Psychological Association.

Counselor require a Master’s degree or beyond in Counseling, and being qualified as a registered member in local or overseas professional associations. Or registered as a counselor in Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association.

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(4)Why shall I fill in an evaluation questionnaire before I join the counseling service?

Evaluation questionnaire is an assessment to general depression, anxiety and stress level. It may not be a clinical diagnosis, but it is an important screening tool to assess mental distress and mild mental health issues. An accurate assessment is beneficial for the client to receiving effective and timely counseling service.

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(6)Why cannot I see the assessment result?

When you are filling in the online questionnaire, you may select “yes” for the question “Do you need to review your assessment result?” to get the result. The result will be emailed to the registered email address after submitting the questionnaire. If you have any problem in receiving the assessment result, please email us at

Counselling FAQs

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