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Learn the System

1. How to start my service?

Go to [Service User Only] webpage and login the program you are registered with the account we provided to you. If you chose to receive the service by smartphone application, please install the application in your phone and login with the account we provided you.

3. How can I get the on-time password to login?

When you login, the system will send you an on-time password to your registered email. Please check your email box to get the one-time password to login.

5. When I login the app on my phone with correct passwords, but failed to login. What can I do?

When you login the app with correct passwords, but there is no response, you can remove the app from your phone, then go to Google Play or Apple Store to download the app and login again.

7. If I forgot my password when I login, what can I do?

You may press “Forget Password” button in the login page and submit required information, the system will send an email to your email box. Please follow the steps in the email to change your password.

9. Why I can’t go to next online topic?

Check if you have done mood check, viewed all the required videos, and done session review.  If there is more than 1 video for one sub-topic, you will need to press “continue” to go to next video clips until all videos are viewed.  After having viewed all required videos and the session review, you will go to “exercise’.  After having completed and submitted the exercise, you can open the next session.

11. I can’t submit the exercise.  What should I do?

Please read the instruction of each exercise and check all required space is filled with answer(s). 

13. I would like to keep a  copy of my exercise page.  What should I do?

You can go to the exercise page and follow the instruction of [save and download file].

15. How can I contact my therapist?

You can message your therapist with the “message” function in the CANDO system or you can send email to  Your therapist will reply to you.  

17. Where can I find my progress?

You can press your name on the right upper corner in the system webpage or press the “setting” icon on the left upper corner of the App, then go to “client portfolio”, you will see your progress, including the progress of online module, questionnaire, counseling sessions and report. In "Report”, you will see the charts of your weekly mood check and comparison of your test results at pre-, post- and follow-up tests.

2. I try several times to login with the provided user name and password but fail.  What should I do?

Wait for say 30 minutes.  Then, login with the same username. If failed again, you can press “forget password” to reset your password and login in again with the new password.

4. Why I can’t find the one-time password in my email box?

You may need to wait for 1-2 minutes to receive the email. If you couldn’t receive the email in a few minutes, please check you Junk Mail folder if there is an email sent by our program.

6. Do I have to change the password when I login the system in the first time?

Yes. To ensure your account security, the system will ask you to change the password in your first login. This is a normal step.

8. I failed to login for several times with wrong passwords and the system shows “You have reached the maximum time limit of login.” What can I do?

You may press “Forget Password” button in the login page and submit required information, the system will send an email to your email box. Please follow the steps in the email to change your password.

10. I can’t open the next session even I have done all steps mentioned in point 3.  Why?

One session will be opened on the 1st day of each week for 8 consecutive weeks from the service starting date.  You may need to wait to open the next session till the 1st day of next week.

12. How can I see therapist’s feedback?

When you receive the reminder for the receipt of therapist’s feedback,  you can go back to the respective exercise page and find the feedback.

14. Can I have the notes of each topic?

To assist you to remember the skills learned, you can download a worksheet to take notes while you are watching the video contents.  Please go to [download resource] in the beginning of each online module and press the blue icon to download. 

16. How can I make appointment with my therapist?

You can click the [make appointment] icon.  You will see the therapist’s available time (shown in green).  Then, you can click a time slot of your choice.  The therapist will be noticed and reply to you. 

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