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Walk Together Service

Therapist guided CBT group training

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If you want group sharing to gain more insights

8 weekly online modules on CBT skills training

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  • Watching animation and case demonstration videos with briefing and debriefing

  • Doing exercise and receiving therapist feedback

  • Joining online forum

  • Communicating with therapist (Clinical psychologist /Counseling psychologist) via online texting

  • Service users can receive the service either on webpage or mobile app of the CANDO program during the service period.

3 Group Training Sessions

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  • During the service, clients will have 3 group sessions,  120 mins each, with therapist (online or face-to-face) to apply the CBT skills learned from the online modules to cope with their own emotional issue.

  • Clients can choose the format of the counseling sessions among face-to-face mode, Zoom meeting.

4 Online assessments

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  • Evaluation of service effectiveness will be provided. Clients will be invited to complete an online questionnaire (1) before joining the program; (2) upon immediate completion of the program; (3)  3 months afterwards; and (4) 6 months later to assess the service effectiveness in reducing depressive symptoms and improving mental health.

  • Clients can view their assessment results immediately after they have submitted the online questionnaires and comparing the results (if any) in their personal portfolio to learn the service effectiveness.

Service Fee:HK$2,500.00
Service Duration:11 Weeks

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