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Hello! Welcome to [Online Companion] Blog!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

If you learned about 《CANDO勇破抑鬱谷》before, grateful that we meet here

again! If you are our new friend, glad that we could meet here!

I am Dr. Fiona Yip, the Clinical Psychologist of Online Companion. Our hope is to

share with you more about psychology through little stories, wellbeing tips, life

footages for helping us to stay positive!

For those visitors who do not know Chinese language, apologize that we are unable

to provide you the 《CANDO勇破抑鬱谷》service at the moment. However, and

more importantly, we wish this blog will become the channel for interacting with

you. You are invited to tell us the specific topics that you are interested in. We

would do our best to share topics of your interests…thank you!

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