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I am afraid of facing my emotions!

Have you met some people with a deadpan expression? They speak with only few words in sentences with a flat tone, and only give a brief expression with their low voices. They appear with low energy and avoid talking to others. They show no joys, anger, sadness, and happiness. You would think they have no emotions, like a robot!

Maybe it's just their hopeless and helpless expression! They have just actually suppressed their overwhelming feelings inside because they don’t know how to express their emotions. They are afraid of expressing their feelings as they are uncertain about the consequences, no one would understand, and don’t know how to handle others responses! They conclude it's better to be numb, not to feel the feelings!

If this is you, don't sit back and ignore it! Suppressing your feelings like this would slowly isolate yourself. People around will find difficult to understand you so to keep distance from you! Gradually, your feelings of depressed mood and anxiety will grow! That could evolve into various mental health problems!

You must first accept your own emotions. Especially don’t refuse your negative emotions e.g. anger, sadness and anxiety etc. You need set aside time to feel with emotions, and then do something, which could relax yourself. You can also find some trustworthy friends to talk through the matters. For the difficult situations, you may seek for counseling, or professional help!

If you have such a friend by your side, as far as within your only limit, accompany him or her, be a person who listens without judgements, and do some relaxing activities together. If the situation is too difficult, encourage your friend to seek professional counseling help!

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