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Are emotions really scary?

Everyone is born with emotions. We are afraid to touch our emotions because we don’t understand emotions. We don’t how to deal with them, and how to express them. Do you think so?

In fact, emotions have many functions. If we can properly adjust and use them, our life will be richer and more exciting! When our fear is a signal of danger, we resist or run away to protect ourselves. When we do positive and right things, we feel excited and happy, which can become our motivation. On the contrary, if we do something wrong morally or ethically, we will feel ashamed and guilty. Uneasy emotions make us stop doing wrong things. Emotions have a role in communication. For example, when children want to get what they want, they will lose their temper and smile when they get what they want.

In 1994, neuroscientist Damasio, by observing some patients with frontal lobe damage, they showed cognitive deficits, such as difficulty in planning, making decisions, lack of ability to understand things from the others perspective, and unable to persist in work, etc. These people also showed signs of untouched with feelings, lack of emotional expressions, enthusiasm, and initiative. Therefore, he believes that people's emotions are helpful to improve cognitive and understanding ability.

Since emotions have multiple functions, we need to be friends with them. Its appearance is a signal. We should accept it well and understand the reasons for its appearance. Then respond appropriately. If you can get along well with "emotions", you will feel more secure, more able to enjoy the moment, and live in equanimity!

Source: Damasio, A. R. (1994), Descartes’ error: Emotion, reason, and the human brain. New York: Grosset/Putnam.

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